7 Popular Types of Ear Piercing

Body piercing is an extreme cosmetic method to dramatically change your appearance. Each procedure creates an opening on the external organ, so it can be inserted with certain type of jewelry.

Ear piercing is probably the most common and popular in the world. Based on location of pierced sites, there are various popular types of ear piercing as outlined below.

1. Lobe

In almost all countries, lobe ear piercing is very common. The pierced site is located in Lobule area of the external ear structure. Lobule is the fleshy tissues hanging at the bottom of the ear. Many girls even have this type of ear piercing since they were children.

Since the structure of Lobule is flexible, some people choose to have a relatively large hole in this area. With a large opening, they can use loop instead of studs for the jewelry. Lobe may require 6 to 10 weeks of healing time.

2. Anti-Tragus

Anti-Tragus is considered one of the most difficult types of ear piercing to do. As the name suggests, anti-tragus piercing is performed at anti-tragus area of the ear. It is located above Lobule and opposite of tragus. This area is actually a raised cartilage in the external ear structure.

Anti-tragus is commonly very small, so the piercing procedure can be very difficult. Because of its small size, you can only use micro jewelry in the pierced site.

3. Auricle

Besides Lobe, Auricle ear piercing is also very popular. The pierced sites are created along the edge of ear structure. You can have many holes in this area, so you can use an assortment of jewelries with this type of piercing only. After the procedure, you may need 2 to 3 weeks for a complete recovery of the wounds created.

4. Helix

Helix is the upper cartilage of external ear structure. Helix is possibly attached with the widest range of jewelries. You can use studs, hoop, or cuff styles. There are also numerous shapes of jewelries for cuff style piercing.

You can actually use jewelry (earring) to combine two pierced sites. The most common is helix and lobe. It is probably the most stylish ear piercing of all.

5. Daith

This area is the closest cartilage to the ear canal. Both anti-tragus and daith are small types of ear piercing. The procedures are equally difficult and you can only use studs or other micro jewelries on the holes.

6. Industrial

Industrial piercing requires two pierced sites in helix area. Barbell-shaped jewelry is very commonly used for this type of piercing.

7. Orbital

Similar to industrial, orbital uses two holes for a piece of jewelry. The only difference is that industrial requires barbell-shaped jewelry, while orbital needs ring enclosure. You can have orbital piercing in Lobule or Helix area. The recovery time for orbital type is quite extensive from 8 to 16 weeks.


Regardless of types of ear piercing, you must create the holes using only sterilized equipment and make sure that the procedure is performed by professionals. Such precautions help to avoid unnecessary health problems such as pierced ear infection and transmissible diseases. You also need to wear only safe-to-use jewelry to avoid irritation and excessive scratches to skin.